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New Half-Year’s Resolutions

Most normal people wait for the end of December to roll around before deciding on New Year’s Resolutions. I, however, have never been called normal and don’t feel like waiting the six months. So here are my Half-Year’s Resolutions. Write 150,000 words of new fiction. This averages to a little under 6000 words each week. […]

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Two stories available on Kindle and NOOK

For the first time, I’ve got stories available for the Kindle and NOOK.  (Versions for the iPad and other formats will follow soon.) Beloved After David slays Goliath, he falls head over heels in love with himself. But he’s not alone. King Saul’s daughter Michal intends to become his wife even if her father offers […]

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Strange New World

Like many other writers, I’m trying to make some sense of what the future holds for the publishing world as e-books become more and more important. If you haven’t sampled some of the thinking, check out these three sources for starters: Jon Konrath feeling a lot less concerned about piracy than I am Mike Stackpole, […]

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