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Music For Another World

I just got my author’s copies of Music For Another World, an anthology of “strange fiction” short stories with a common theme of music.  My story “Blue Note Heaven” leads off Act I.  I hope you’ll read it. If you live in the USA, however, you’ll need to do a little more work to get a copy.  It’s a British anthology […]

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Author Photos: Going with “The Big Goofy”

Some people seem to have been born in front of a camera.  In every photograph, they look flawless.  Perfect smiles.  Hair never out of place.  An illustrated dictionary would include a shot of them under the entry for photogenic. Not me. If I adopt a serious pose, I look like a serial killer. And unless I’m flat out […]

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Birthdays of Three Seminal Influences

Today marks the third of three straight days of birthdays celebrated by seminal writing influences of mine. Jeanne Cavelos, whose Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop turned my writing career around, celebrated her birthday on Wednesday.  When I attended Odyssey in 2006, I was struggling mightily, more with confidence than anything else.  I’d enjoyed considerable success with my […]

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