Always striving

In a recent post, I mentioned that I had just returned from a writers’ workshop.  A non-writer friend of mine — yes, I do have friends who aren’t writers — said, “Why are you still going to workshops?  I thought you sold a novel.  Do you still need that stuff?”

The answer for me was easy.  When you’re a writer, you never know it all.  There’s always something to learn. 

Would I attend workshops (in this case on the other side of the country) if those running it were no more knowledgeable than I am?  No.  But the workshops I attend are run by outstanding professionals, people who have forgotten more about writing than I’ve ever learned.  I’m only about a hundred published novels behind them.

With writing, you have to always keep learning.  Always keep striving.

You have to be like the proverbial shark that dies if it doesn’t keep moving.

I look forward to continuing the learning process as long as my heart is beating and my marbles haven’t spilled all over the floor.