Cracking the Ice – blurb #3

I’ve been sharing blurbs for Cracking the Ice, my novel due out in early June and here’s another.  (A blurb is that glowing quote that when potential readers see it on the cover, prompts them to plunk down their hard-earned cash.)

This one comes from Richard Harris, who graciously gave of his time to talk to me about his experiences as a black hockey player in the late sixties and early seventies.   

“Having been a black hockey player in this era, I found that Cracking the Ice isn’t just a very good read. It captures the prep school life completely. I felt like I was back in my old room.  The hockey action comes to life. The scenes made me feel as if I were out on the ice. But this book doesn’t just cover a black hockey player at a prep school; it’s for anyone trying to succeed in difficult situations.”

Richard Harris, All-league, Middlesex Hockey League, 1970