Watch that spellchecker

I had a run-in with Microsoft Word’s spellchecker today while working on a chapter in my latest novel.  My villain referred to my hero as a little pissant, but the spellchecker auto-corrected that to a little puissant.

I’m sure all of you know what a pissant is.  Some of you may even thing I’m one.  But here’s what puissant means according to

–adjective Literary .
powerful; mighty; potent

So the two words are direct opposites, not to mention that if you called my villain puissant he just might pistolwhip you.

So here’s your homework, boys and girls.  Go open a Microsoft Word document, type in the word pissant, override any auto-correct that takes place, and run the spellchecker.  When it flags the word pissant, add it to your dictionary.

Be a puissant writer, not a pissant.