Music for Another World Reviews

The reviews have been coming in and they’ve been strong.

In Interzone #231, Andy Hedgecock writes:

One of the most exciting and original [anthologies] I’ve read in years….  The collection offers a host of absorbing, entertaining and thought provoking stories…. An exceptional anthology. Ten of the nineteen stories are astonishing; eight are simply impressive.

Meredith Wiggins writes in The Future Fire Reviews:

It is possibly a testament to the interesting mixture of authors that the themes explored in the collection themselves are diverse: loss, obsession, desire, solitude and redemption, among others….  I found in its pages new ways to hear, see, and experience music, and a new appreciation for why it is such a powerful art form.

Author Jaine Fenn writes:

The unifying theme of music has resulted in a delightfully wide range of styles and genres (slipstream, ghost stories, alternate history, fantasy and science fiction to name but a few), settings (ranging from deep space through gritty suburban streets to the Christian heaven) and emotional effects.