Information sharing at companies

Without WANs enterprises and users on a LAN would be limited to the information and user base in just location, without connecting all enterprises and users in a particular geographical region, to help each other find the networks of interest and enable business and productivity collaboration, and that’s why many companies focus on using services for SD WAN to get information about this, at resources at sites such as

According to the Global Online Perceived Threat (GOT) 2012 Report, malicious cyber activities were estimated to cost organizations an estimated $44 billion annually. The author of this study says that this is likely to rise to $150 billion by 2015.

Information sharing does not have to come at the expense of privacy and security. Individuals who want to share their location data with someone who requires it can do so.

Information sharing should not infringe on privacy. The rule of law applies to all members of society. Businesses can take part in it to share sensitive information with others on a need-to-know basis.

Efficient handling of public network information will allow for greater security and greater functionality for business users. They will be able to navigate the networks and make use of the data they want.

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