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“Tiffany” a Kindle Humor bestseller!

“Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” now ranks 13th on the Kindle Free Download bestseller list in the Humor category! 

(That’s after only about a week of its price being dropped to free.)
Written under the pen name David Bawdy, “Tiffany” is a fun, short story prequel to Bubba Goes for Broke and has been very well received (including mention in Kris Rusch’s Recommended Reading list). 

If I want to stretch the truth, I can now refer to myself as “Bestselling author David Hendrickson.”
I kinda like the sound of that. And who better to stretch the truth than a fiction writer?  I am, after all, paid to lie. It’s a job requirement!

“Tiffany” now free on Kindle

“Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” is now free at Amazon, as it has been everywhere else for a while. Check out this fun story as well as the sample chapters from the novel she appears in, Bubba Goes for Broke.

“Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” released

Tiffany knows that only one thing separates her from stardom — a boob job. Who’ll pay for it? She’s determined to find out.

This humorous short story, starring the character from my novel Bubba Goes for Broke, is now available on Amazon and Smashwords as well as right here on the Free Fiction page. It precedes the action in the novel, so it’s a perfect introduction if you’re waffling on Bubba.

It’s also free everywhere but on Amazon (and I’m hoping their bots will notice that and make it free there, too).


Oh, and by the way, it’s the short story that has been released, not Tiffany’s boobs.

Free Fiction Page

I’ve added a Free Fiction Page that I intend to update regularly with short stories. (I’ll provide a schedule soon.)

The debut story is “Tiffany Gets Her Boobs,” a precursor to my Bubba Goes for Broke novel, published under the pen name David Bawdy.  Click on the page at the top of the screen or here.