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A New Old Title

Bubba Goes for Broke, my comedy and crime caper first published in 2011, has now been reissued under my name. It originally came out under the pen name David Bawdy because it was being released at the same time as my first young adult title, Cracking the Ice. My editor felt strongly that I needed a pen name to avoid confusion between the R-rated Bubba title and Cracking.

But enough time has passed and I’ve written additional Young Adult books as well as those not appropriate for the YA audience and people seem to have figured it all out. If there’s a teenager in sports gear, it’s YA; if there’s a bare-chested hunk on the cover, it’s a romance.

And then there’s Bubba and Tiffany. You may know Tiffany as the star in my quirky short story, “Tiffany Gets her Boobs.”

Tiffany cover

“‘Tiffany’ works beautifully, and by the end of the story, I had fallen in love with this savvy, determined, and somewhat crazy woman. Everyone who has read this story remembers it and likes it. You will too.”
–USA Today Bestselling Author Kristine Kathyrn Rusch

Well, here come Bubba and Tiffany, the oddest of odd couples.

Bubba ebook cover web

If a dim-witted, sex-crazed crook falls in love, does he get any dumber? You can bet a boob-jobbed Hooters waitress he does. And when she wants to become a televangelist with a little something extra, guess who’s going to pay? Meet Bubba Winslow.

“David H. Hendrickson tickles my funny bone in the best possible way.” — Annie Reed, author of Pretty Little Horses

“Good stuff… head-slapping, outrageous humor” — Terry Hayman, author of Chasing the Minotaur

Available on KindleNOOK, and Smashwords.

Tiffany a long-term bestseller

Tiffany Goes for Broke, the prequel to Bubba Goes for Broke written under the pen name David Bawdy, has now reached twenty months(!) on Kindle Bestseller lists. It still ranks in the mid-fifties in both the Short Story and the Fiction- Humor categories (free downloads).

Trade paperback for Bubba Goes for Broke

Bubba Goes for Broke, my sex comedy/crime caper published under the pen name David Bawdy, is now available in trade paperback.  Go to Amazon or contact me at dave dot hendrickson at gmail dot com for a personalized copy.

New edition of Bubba Goes for Broke

A new electronic edition of Bubba Goes for Broke, published under my pen name David Bawdy, is now available on all sites.  This version offers several improvements and corrections.

Additionally, a trade paperback will be released before the end of the month.  This will mark the first appearance of the title in a paper edition.

A bestseller for seven months

“Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” (written under my pen name David Bawdy) has now spent seven months on the Kindle Humor and Short Story bestseller lists (free download category).   This prequel to my novel Bubba Goes for Broke earned a great endorsement from USA Today bestselling author Kristine Kathyrn Rusch:

 ” ‘Tiffany’ works beautifully, and by the end of the story, I had fallen in love with this savvy, determined, and somewhat crazy woman. Everyone who has read this story remembers it and likes it. You will too.”

“Tiffany” is tops in another category

I didn’t originally realize it but “Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” has not only been a Kindle bestseller in the Humor category (free downloads) but also in Short Stories. In fact, she’s been higher on the Short Story list than on Humor.

And based on the sales figures, “Tiffany” has been drawing readers to Bubba Goes for Broke.

“Tiffany” holds strong on Kindle bestseller list

“Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” remains on the Kindle Humor bestseller list (in the free download category), coming in at number 33.  I’m really pleased at the success of this fun, goofy story.

Website statistics

I just looked at my website’s statistics for September. The number one search item that brought people to my site was one word in the title of my short story “Tiffany Gets Her Boobs.”

Guess which one.

I don’t think I got many bookmarks from that crowd.

“Tiffany” a Kindle Humor bestseller!

“Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” now ranks 13th on the Kindle Free Download bestseller list in the Humor category! 

(That’s after only about a week of its price being dropped to free.)
Written under the pen name David Bawdy, “Tiffany” is a fun, short story prequel to Bubba Goes for Broke and has been very well received (including mention in Kris Rusch’s Recommended Reading list). 

If I want to stretch the truth, I can now refer to myself as “Bestselling author David Hendrickson.”
I kinda like the sound of that. And who better to stretch the truth than a fiction writer?  I am, after all, paid to lie. It’s a job requirement!

“Tiffany” now free on Kindle

“Tiffany Gets Her Boobs” is now free at Amazon, as it has been everywhere else for a while. Check out this fun story as well as the sample chapters from the novel she appears in, Bubba Goes for Broke.