Monthly Archives: February 2012

Interview in the Georgetown Record

Joshua Boyd interviewed me about Cracking the Ice in The Georgetown Record. It’s a substantial one, over a full half page.

What a great day!

What a wonderful, wonderful day. The book release party in Boston was a blast! Great food and drink. The readings went well (I think). Lots of people either bought the book or had me autograph books they’d gotten earlier, already read, and in virtually every case said that they’d loved. I’m on cloud nine.

A neat moment

I walked into a FedEx Office store tonight to get a quality scan of my book’s front cover. They guy behind the counter groaned and started to say it was copyrighted material so…

But then he flipped to the back inside cover and saw my photo.

“Oh,” he said. “It’s your book.”

And I was able to say with a very big smile, “Yes, it is!”