Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s great to be a writer

This Forbes story lists authors as having one of the ten happiest jobs.  Sounds right to me.

The limitations of Google Translate

This one is a howler.

I love my credit union

On Friday, I went down to the credit union and one of the women there asked if my book was out yet. I told her it had been delayed until Jan. 15th.

 Next thing you know, all four employees were asking me for details, cooing about how fascinating it sounded, and then asking if I’d autograph their copies after they buy them.

Did I ever say how much I love First Tech Credit Union?

Cracking the Ice update

This just in from WestSide Books: the new release date for Cracking the Ice is now January 15.

I must admit that I would have preferred the book be available for the holidays, but I’m trusting that readers will find the book and feel it was worth the wait.