Monthly Archives: June 2011

New Half-Year’s Resolutions

Most normal people wait for the end of December to roll around before deciding on New Year’s Resolutions. I, however, have never been called normal and don’t feel like waiting the six months. So here are my Half-Year’s Resolutions. Write 150,000 words of new fiction. This averages to a little under 6000 words each week. […]

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Surviving the Kris Rusch Death March

I’m writing this from gate D9 at the Portland, Oregon airport, waiting for my flight back to Boston after spending over a week on the Oregon Coast. I’m tired but very excited about my writing and what the future holds. I was one of eighteen professional writers working with Kristine Kathryn Rusch (and at the […]

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“All Over Again” released

Pentucket Publishing has released my short story “All Over Again” in all electronic formats. Sample the opening scenes to this dark fantasy. Walter and Edith have lived a satisfying life together. But an anonymous fiftieth anniversary gift offers a chance to be twenty years old all over again.  For one of them. Available for 99 cents in […]

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New website design

Hope you like the new website design. Eventually, I’d like to add a more flashy header, but I like the way I can better display my available books with this format. The more flashy header will come sooner or later. Not to mention that the really cool Amazon carousel didn’t fit the old theme.

You Can’t “Just Write”

Maybe in the old days, a writer could “just write” and let a paternalistic (or maternalistic) agent take care of all that nasty business stuff. But not anymore. You’ve got to be reading the posts by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Passive Guy, Mike Stackpole, and more. Kris, Dean, and Mike have all agreed on […]

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