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Bubba Goes for Broke

I’m really looking forward to WestSide Books publishing my Young Adult novel Cracking the Ice in June.  But I’ll be electronically publishing another novel, Bubba Goes for Broke, through Pentucket Publishing in the next couple weeks.  A paper version will follow in a few months.

To avoid confusion, I’m using the pseudonym David H. Bawdy for Bubba Goes for Broke. It’s a bawdy novel (hence the choice of pseudonym), loaded with irreverent and outrageous humor.  I’ve been told it’s a very funny book, but it’s not appropriate for Cracking the Ice‘s Young Adult audience.

So I’ll be keeping a pretty high wall between these two novels.  Most of the news about the Bubba novel will appear at and  However, both of those websites are still under development, so I’ll be mentioning it a bit here in this space.

Have a look at the outstanding cover developed by Renee Barratt at The Cover Counts.  I love it, don’t you?

Cracking the Ice – blurb # 2

A few weeks ago, I shared the first blurb for Cracking the Ice, my novel due out in early June and promised more.  (A blurb is that glowing quote from another writer that when potential readers see it on the cover, prompts them to plunk down their hard-earned cash.)

This next blurb comes from Greg Neri, author of Yummy: the Last Days of a Southside Shorty, a 2011 Coretta Scott King Honor book. Among other flattering things, he said this:

“Cracking the Ice scores the literary equivalent of a hat-trick: funny, harrowing and finally, heartfelt. This book is a winner.”

Monday morning humor

I got a customer service email from Amazon this morning with the letter “o” missing from “Hello.” Yup, that’s my Monday morning. How did they know?

Sale of a ghost story

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve sold “Automobile Graveyard” to the anthology Ghostology. The story is a personal favorite that came out of a scary situation, after which I asked,”What if?”  I didn’t really want to go there, but the intensity of my own emotions carried into the story.  Or at least I think so.

It’s the only story I’ve ever written that uses second person. (First person is I did this, third person is he or she did that, and second person is that rarest form in which You did that.)

I don’t have a publication date yet but will let you know as soon as I can.

It’s great to be a writer

I just got back from a terrific writing workshop on the Oregon Coast run by Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rusch along with visiting editors Denise Little and John Helfers.  I was one of thirty-six professional writers who wrote two stories for prospective anthologies, one in advance and one while there.

I never stepped foot on the gorgeous beach because of the assignments — the story written while there was assigned at 10 p.m. on Thursday night and was due on 10 a.m. Saturday morning despite two Friday classes  totaling roughly six hours — and all the reading and the great discussions about the changing new world of publishing. 

The discussions continued pretty much non-stop during the two-hour drive back to the airport.  Tremendously energizing.

It was great to be around such a talented group and to get insight into both the craft and the business of writing from Kris and Dean, two mentors who have changed my life, and Denise and John, two editors who I greatly respect.  Even when there was disagreement on a story — let’s just say that the four of them comprise a rather… opinionated bunch — we all learned.

This morning I’m feeling very tired but very enthused.

It’s great to be a writer.