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More Music For Another World reviews

Some more good reviews have come out for Music For Another World, the British anthology that includes my story “Blue Note Heaven.” One review called it “one of the anthology’s most original stories” which was really nice to read.

The trade paper version is still only available through Amazon UK, but there’s a Kindle version now.

Here are links to the other reviews:

Angela Slatter and Jack Deighton.

Why we write

I was just going to list this in the Links for Writers page but felt it deserves extra attention.   Tracy Hickman tells a story about why we write.

A short story sale!

My short story “The Floater” has sold to an anthology called Bride of the Golem.  I really like this story and hope you will too.  There’s no set publication date right now, but I’ll provide updates as they become available.

The first known preorder

I didn’t think it was even possible to preorder Cracking the Ice yet, but it is and I’ve gotten my first one.  🙂

I mentioned the book in a casual online conversation with Cindie Geddes, a friend and very talented writer in her own right (Flying Hand Writing Services, Lucky Bat Books, and writer of  Beach Bitches, a novel that should be making her famous).  Cindie immediately asked about preordering it.   I checked and lo and behold, there it was on amazon.  It listed an incorrect age for prospective readers (it should be 12 through adult) and doesn’t have any description of the novel but it’s there and Cindie pounced on it.

So I’ve got my first known preorder of my first novel.  Yeah!

A look back on 2010

What a year!

I sold my first novel, Cracking the Ice, to WestSide Books.  It will be appearing in May, 2011. That all by itself makes 2010 a watershed year.

I also sold three short stories: “Age is a Four-Letter Word,” “A Simple Matter of Priorities,” and “Blue Note Heaven.”

I wrote another novel, several proposals, and a number of short stories.

So although I’m a bit disappointed in my productivity over the latter part of the year, it’s still been a terrific year. 

I intend to make 2011 even better.

Free Fiction

Take advantage of the free stories being posted by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch regularly on their websites.  (See the permanent links to their websites on the sidebar.)  Also by Steve and Chris York at