Monthly Archives: November 2010

WestSide Books to publish my novel!

I’ve sold my novel Breaking the Ice to WestSide Books!  Breaking the Ice is a Young Adult sports novel set in 1968.  Although it’s technically in the Young Adult category, it’s really age appropriate for anyone.  And though it’s also technically in the sports category, it’s even more about the tumultuous American society of 1968.  […]

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Music for Another World Reviews

The reviews have been coming in and they’ve been strong. In Interzone #231, Andy Hedgecock writes: One of the most exciting and original [anthologies] I’ve read in years….  The collection offers a host of absorbing, entertaining and thought provoking stories…. An exceptional anthology. Ten of the nineteen stories are astonishing; eight are simply impressive. Meredith Wiggins […]

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