Monthly Archives: August 2010

June & July 2010 Recommended Reading List

Yes, I know it’s late August, but I’ve either had other writing projects I’ve been focused on or had other topics I wanted to get to first.  In September, I expect to begin posting this list on a monthly basis and also be more punctual.  That’s the plan, at least. There are a few books I enjoyed but won’t be […]

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White Noise for Writers (and Readers)

Certain types of noise distract me to the point where writing and most forms of reading become impossible for me.  Conversations, TV shows, music with spoken words.  All are killers for my concentration. Or I should say have been killers for my concentration. Ever since getting an iPod a few years ago and filling it with a couple choice […]

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Check the Freaking Map

I’m working on a project I feel very good about.  I’m hitting a few potholes, but for the most part things are moving along nicely. Unlike its predecessor. That project took about five times as long as it should have and much of the time felt like I was slamming my head against the wall.  Every time I […]

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